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Manhole/sewer repair

Manholes are dangerous if :

  • the cover is broken

  • the main retaining metal ring is damaged or raised above the asphalt

  • the asphalt is concave or missing around the container

When neglected, complete collapse is likely to occur within time, and since they are in direct contact with the surface, they are often the first segment of the sewer system to result in major damage.


A raised manhole cover is subject to major damage, especially during the winter, while snow plows grade the parking lot and hit the metal covers at full speed causing the cover and main ring to break and move resulting extensive and costly repairs.


Asphalt XPS has various solutions to such issues, let one of our technicians access the situation and propose you the best solution.


main metal ring damaged

main metal ring damaged
concaved asphalt

concaved asphalt

Contour repair  (video)

patched asphalt around manhole
Filling manhole excavation
Excavating around manhole

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